random_slinky (random_slinky) wrote in mkeknitting,

Auction knitting!

Hey guys!
I meant to post this last week, but I completely forgot. I need to have any knitting for the auction by next week Tuesday! If you can't make it to knitting night, we can make other arrangements. HHCH would like if you'd include your name with your item so they can credit you for the donation. If you've forgotten about it and would still like to contribute something small, they are looking for items to go in a basket. The basket is going to have hot chocolate and cozy winter by the fire kinds of things. So a quick pair of mittens or cup warmer thingies or anything you can think of! Thanks much!

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I got one and a half washclothes done...although I can't say I've actually been focusing on them. I'll be doing that all day friday!! (And I have it actually written in my calendar, so I won't forget!)
Yay! Those are going to be so cute!
I'm so sorry but there is no way I can do weeknight stuff anymore. I have two (simple) potholders done and another almost done. If you think it's worth your/my time I'll see about getting them to you.

Let me know
I'll be running a bunch of errands on the weekend. I could pick them up or meet you somewhere. I have to go out that way anyway! Let me know what works for you.
I'll be home all day Saturday and likely Sunday afternoon. If I knew how to make it private I'd give you my phone number so you could just call me.
I've friended you, and I'll make a protected post in my LJ if you want to reply and put it there.
I'll have the little pink socks for you on Tuesday.
Yay! Little pink socks!