Kyna (kynafairge) wrote in mkeknitting,

SnB tonight

Hey Kids.  I'll be working late tonight then cleaning for family coming into town tomorrow so I won't be at Alterra tonight.  Have fun without me.  I hope to have a finished stocking by the next SnB.  Now I'm looking at what to make my sister.  Any suggestions?  (she already has a hand-made stocking from someone else)
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What about a felted laptop bag (or purse) or felted slippers or something felted. Felt = big needles = fast project = hides any mistakes!!
Are you coming? I'll bring the slipper pattern if you are.
Great! I am...bringing Chris too. I ripped what I had done apart in the final attempt to fix any of *my* errors. Unfortunately, I really do think it's the pattern edition, even though I can't find any errata on it.
Or, perhaps it's time you jump on the bandwagon and knit socks... We'll cheer you on.
I may break down and knit some socks. If I were to go for this what would you recommend as a pattern for a beginner?
What about armwarmers or gloves or mittens?
I like the arm warmer idea. I think I'm going to do mitten as a back up for my dad.